Sewage damage clean up is absolutely necessary to ensure hygienic surroundings. Sewage may prove to be extremely unhealthy for the inhabitants of a house. Sewage damage capacity depends on the nature of the materials contained in the sewage and the amount of spilled sewage. Sewage affects the occupants of a house as they are directly or indirectly exposed to the pathogens through ingestion, physical contact or inhalation. Biohazard Cleaning provides private and commercial sewage and water contamination cleaning services including cleaning and unclogging drains, sanitising areas affected with urine and biological waste and clean railing and other areas that might be affected by water or sewage damage stains.

Our Sewage Contamination & Water Damage Remediation services include:


    Sewage Contamination Biohazard Cleaning

    Sewage Leaks and Sewage Contamination Remediation is an emergency biohazard remediation service as the sewage and water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause serious illnesses. Biohazard Cleaning Sewage Contamination Remediation technicians utilise industry-specific bio-remediation equipment and highly specialised training and knowledge to quickly and safely clean contaminants like sewage.

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    Expert Sewage Damage Remediation Technicians | Australia-Wide Service Reach

    The risk of contamination from unknown chemicals such as solvents, carcinogens and pesticides is incredibly high. When biological and infectious substances such as human waste have contaminated a property or an area within a property, immediate action is required by trained professionals, who specialise in the removal of bio-hazardous substances such as faeces or urine. These biohazards may become ingrained in the surfaces of the contaminated area. Our Sewage Contamination bio-remediation technicians can attend your emergency quickly and discretely ensuring the area is made safe and hygienic as quickly as possible. Sewage spills are extremely unpleasant and can cause vast disruption to your business or home.

    Raw sewage can contain a variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites that can cause serious illness and even death. Because of this, only trained professionals equipped with the right equipment should handle sewage clean-up and removal. Coming in contact with faecal matter or raw sewage can cause disease, destruction of valuables and severe damage to your home. Biohazard Cleaning Sewage Remediation Technicians are trained to clean, disinfect, and sanitise your property’s sewage damage, minimising the risk of health hazards or further damage. We can sanitise, remove and remediate the affected area of your home or business as needed. We understand the need for efficient, hassle-free restoration after a sewage catastrophe.

    Contaminated Water Biohazard Cleaning

    Following flood damage in the home or at your business premises, our priority is to return the affected property to its pre-incident condition as quickly as possible, minimising secondary damage, efficiently, effectively and with the minimum of disruption for the customer. Water damage restoration or flood damage clean up is a process that can have consequences to the structure and integrity of your property, if the operation is not handled by experts in damage management. Water damage is a term used to describe a number of different types of damage caused by water and moisture inside homes and other buildings. Water damage can happen almost anywhere and oftentimes without much warning. In addition to damaging property, water damage lead to the growth of mould which can pose a serious health hazard to the occupants of homes and buildings with water damage.

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    Comprehensive Water Damage & Flood Water Remediation Services

    Water damage to your home, business or property can occur from many different sources: a leaky tap, heavy rains or ruptured plumbing to name a few. If the water damage is cleaned quickly, damage can be minimal and reduce the headache and cost of consequence if left alone. If addressed quickly, water damage can be treated on most surfaces and materials. Depending on the severity of the water damage, some items may be completely unsalvageable; other things may just be permanently damaged. The difference between being able to recover something after destructive water damage could be a matter of a couple hours.

    Biohazard Cleaning has emergency plans in place to meet the needs of any situation. Our technicians are trained experts in their specialised fields and provide a service of not only managing and restoring the environment to pre loss condition but providing extensive knowledge and information to all clients about the situation. We understand the seriousness and potentially hazardous natures of sewage and water spills and have a working relationship with many of the major insurance companies.

    Our team of experienced and professional Water Damage Remediation Technicians understand and adhere to our stringent and tested procedures, maintaining that the main objective of any restoration job is to minimise damage by providing prompt, thorough action. Observing our methodology ensures the property is remediated and any contents are as close to their pre-existing condition as possible.

    Mould Removal & Remediation Biohazard Cleaning

    Mould growth and mould spores present in your home and property can have serious and detrimental health affects on any residents if not found and removed with the correct processes. Biohazard Cleaning provides trained and certified Mould Removal and Remediation technicians who possess the skills and experience to successfully remediate any property affected by mould growth and mould colonies. Our Mould Removal technicians understand mould that is likely to grow in damp places like bathrooms can have serious health consequences for the people exposed to it, including throat irritation, coughing, eye irritation and nasal stuffiness. This is why it is critical to ensure that all traces of mould spores and mould colonies are removed effectively and completely. Removal techniques largely depend on where the mould is growing.

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    Expert Mould Mitigation Technicians Australia-Wide

    Once mould has been discovered, you need to make a quick assessment as to whether it is something you can handle or if you need to call Biohazard Cleaning expert mould removal and remediation technicians for mould clean up.

    Biohazard Cleaning is Australia’s leading mould removal and mould remediation company that operates across Australia that has built it’s reputation on excellence. Our skilled Mould Removal and Remediation technicians operate nationwide and carry-out essential and emergency mould bio-remediation services 24 hours a day. If you have mould growth or mould issues in your property regardless of the time of day or location, we will provide superior service quickly and effectively to ensure our clients get back to their lives as pain free as possible. Our expert mould remediation and restoration technician teams are equipped with the most advanced industry-specific equipment and will respond to your call immediately.

    Animal & Animal Waste Biohazard Cleaning

    If a colony of bats, possums, mice or rats take up residence in your home, their droppings will accumulate and create a health risk for anyone who enters the area and disturbs the material. Once an animal problem has been discovered in a building, exclusion plans should be made, and the extent of contamination should be determined. When an accumulation of animal faeces is discovered in a building, removing the material is the first step. The unsafe nature of animal urine and faeces clean ups, rat droppings clean-ups and animal carcass removal make it strongly recommended that only adequately trained biohazard remediation professionals remove and dispose of the bio-waste safely and efficiently.

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