Damning new research has discovered how prevalent ice and methamphetamine residue is in Queensland homes with over 35 per cent of properties testing positive for the illicit drug.


Meth Labs can be found in almost any location, from houses, apartments, cars, rental storage units and motorhomes. Although authorities take the chemicals and equipment used in labs away, a large amount of contaminated residue is left on many surfaces of the affected site including walls, ceilings and floors, which creates a future health hazard for occupiers of the building.


For most prospective home-buyers, building and pest inspections, asbestos inspections and pool safety inspections are the norm. However with the growing ice epidemic that is sweeping the nation, meth testing is now gaining traction. If methamphetamine is has been produced or smoked in a property, chemical residue and chemical by-products seep into porous surfaces and structural elements of the property including soft furnishings, carpets, walls and in some cases, structural timber. These chemicals and chemical by products can have serious health implications to current and future occupants for the property including respiratory disease and cognitive disorders.


Brisbane Meth Testing Services

Just like any pre-purchase pest and building inspection, pool fence inspection or smoke alarm check, it is highly recommended that you perform your own Meth Test prior to signing a contract on any properties in Australia. Meth Lab statistics are on the rise and rental properties represents the most common place to find a meth lab according to the latest statistics. It is estimated between 60-65% of all meth labs found in Australia are in rental properties.


The Cost of Meth Contamination in Brisbane Homes

Homeowners and landlords are being forced to part with tens of thousands of dollars monthly to clean up meth-contaminated properties because of the criminal behaviour of tenants. The monetary issue is not the only problem that factors into the argument for having compulsory meth lab testing before leasing or selling a property. In Victoria, a six year-old-boy has been found with the same levels of methamphetamine in his system as a regular methamphetamine user caused from living in a home which what once used as a clandestine drug lab. Prior to purchasing the property, the family had completed pre-purchase checks on the property, however the selling agents failed to disclose the property was formally used as a drug lab with raids conducted by police.


At Home Meth Testing Kits in Brisbane

Meth Testing Kits provide Brisbane homeowners, real estate agents and building inspectors at home Meth Lab testing kits that can be used in any home, vehicle, motel, hotel, shed or anywhere a suspected drug lab has been operating. A Home meth lab test kit will return a positive or negative meth detection result within minutes. Each Meth Testing Kit comes with instructions and is extremely easy to use. Meth Testing Kits should be used as a pre-purchase tool when buying a new home or investment property, between tenancies to ensure there is no methamphetamine contamination that might harm your next tenant or their family.


Why Choose Biohazard Cleaning for Your Meth Testing Services

Biohazard Cleaning is the leader Meth Lab Remediation and Restoration in Brisbane and have an experienced team of professional meth lab remediation technicians ready to remediate your property back to its original state. All technicians at Biohazard Cleaning have undergone extensive training both in-class and onsite to ensure the best care and workmanship is provided each and every time. Head technicians Josh Marsden & Dane Beatty are IICRC certified and have received training by the following biohazard and restoration providers including NIDS – National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (located in South Carolina, USA). NIDS are a leading biohazard training provider specialising in Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation & Bio Scene Cleaning.