Biohazard Cleaning provides specialised services for trauma and blood biohazard remediation associated with traumatic accidents, homicides and suicides. We understand that these difficult events, and the scenes they leave behind, create emotional and psychological trials that can act as an impediment to healing. Our goal is to remove the physical evidence of these events, while treating family members and scenes with the utmost sensitivity and care. Ultimately, we restore the work or home environment to a sanitary condition that promotes closure and healing for the occupants.

Our Blood & Trauma Biohazard Decontamination and Remediation services include:


    Blood Spill & Trauma Scene Biohazard Cleaning


    Blood and bodily fluid spills in your workplace or home should be treated as potentially hazardous areas that require emergency response. In their immediate states, these fluids may contain disease. Over the long term, organic materials decompose and can lead to the proliferation of bacteria, insects and other biological decomposers. Blood and bodily fluid clean-ups requires a team with expertise. Blood gets beneath carpets and padding very quickly, and can become acidic in time, causing damage to the flooring below, as well as odour issues.

    blood spill trauma cleaning

    Blood Spill Contamination & Trauma Scene Bio-Remediation Services

    Biohazard Cleaning employs fully certified and expertly skilled biohazard remediation technicians who specialise in providing biohazard cleaning services including blood spill contamination and trauma scene remediation across Australia. Our trained technicians provide biohazard decontamination and remediation services for families and businesses that have a need for biohazard contaminates to be removed from a living or work environment. When the need for specialised Blood and Trauma remediation technicians occurs, it requires proper handling of contaminates and cleaning methods which may pose many risks that one needs to be aware of. Biohazard Cleaning staff and technicians promote health, and protect people while safeguarding the environment with our comprehensive biohazard, blood and trauma remediation service.

    Our trained and certified Biohazard Cleaning technicians are fully adept in working with homeowners to deal with emotionally traumatic experiences and assisting in the biohazard cleaning process to provide emotional closure so that our clients can move on with their life.

    Death & Unattended Death Biohazard Cleaning


    No one likes to think of the possibility of a loved one dying alone and Biohazard Cleaning technicians appreciate how tragic that can be for a family. Our trained and empathetic technicians take the burden of clean-up off your mind, so that the healing process can begin. The environment in which decomposition occurs contains harmful biological hazards, odours and sometimes even structural damage. Unattended death clean-ups requires expert knowledge, protective equipment and proper tools in order to rid the environment of contaminants. It is impossible to restore your home or business to its original condition without using state of the art equipment for odour elimination and disinfection.

    Unattended Death Biohazard Cleaning, Sanitisation & Remediation

    Tragedies such as biohazard contamination and unattended death situations are life events that most humans are not fully prepared to handle. Our Unattended Death Biohazard Remediation service helps remove all affected materials in accordance with health and safety regulations and make sure that all possible structural or health hazards have been totally eliminated.

    It only takes one or two days for the body to start decomposing after an unattended death. These bodily fluids create a dangerous environment for people, which is why a professional unattended death clean up service is required. Even if you think no serious damage was done, these problems will progress. Finding a clean-up service that specialises in unattended death clean up will help to remove any odours left behind and sanitise your property to allow for a safe and habitable environment once more.


    Homicide & Suicide Biohazard Cleaning


    As a professional crime scene clean-up provider, Biohazard Cleaning understands how hard it is for families or business owners grappling with a recent tragedy to manage your homicide or suicide remediation once the investigation is over and the police are gone. There is no reason to take on this burden alone. Our biohazard remediation technicians are experts at providing full homicide & suicide remediation services following a forensic team investigation. We are trained to handle potentially infectious materials, as well as understand the emotional stresses that accompany such an event. We will get your home or business back in order, while offering sensitivity and compassion to all involved in the process.

    homicide and suicide biohazard cleaning

    Professional & Discreet Homicide & Suicide Cleaning Services

    It only takes one or two days for the body to start decomposing after a death. These bodily fluids create a dangerous environment for people, which is why a professional clean-up service is required. Biohazard Cleaning expert technicians provide a full scope Homicide and Suicide Clean Up service, offering our clients the up-most discretion and compassion when dealing with you during your most stressful time and will always respond expeditiously to your call for assistance.

    Biohazard Cleaning’s team of skilled and professional Biohazard Remediation technicians are on call 24/7 to handle the clean up properly. Biohazard Cleaning technicians aim to restore your home or business as close as possible to its original condition after a Homicide or Suicide Biohazard Clean Up, so that you can begin the healing process in a risk-free, thoroughly disinfected environment..