Biohazard Cleaning expert technicians provides biohazard remediation, clean up and removal services for bio hazardous waste, and are properly trained on how to handle biohazard decontamination. Biohazard remediation refers to the clean up of a contaminated area, such as a crime scene. Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences. A failure to properly remove such substances can contribute to unhealthy and dangerous environments. Biohazard remediation professionals specialise in the safe removal of bio-hazardous waste, often from the scene of a crime, outbreak, animal infestation, or tragic accident.

Our Biohazard Decontamination and Remediation services include:


    Industrial Accident Biohazard Cleaning

    Each year, thousands of worker in Australia are injured while at work with some resulting in death. While industrial companies have made significant improvements to ensure that their workers are safe, accidents will continue to happen and therefore require industrial accident clean up services. Some of the most common industrial accidents include falling objects, machine injuries, fires, electrocution, falling off an elevated area or explosions. When these types of injuries occur, cleaning and disinfection specialists are needed to make sure the work environment isn’t exposed to harmful chemicals and biohazard contamination.

    industrial accident biohazard cleaning

    Industrial Accident Biohazard Remediation Services

    Workplace accidents or incidents are a common occurrence and Biohazard Cleaning technicians is here to professionally recover any work place accident or incident with care and understanding. Whether your work place has just experienced a tragic employee accident or worse; work place violence due to a crime scene shooting or employee injury or death. Sending in regular cleaners or site staff is not advised due to the dangerous pathogens that are lingering at the scene. Viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and others are transmittable via blood and could pose a serious risk for the individual tending to the clean-up.

    Industrial accident clean-up requires trained and professional Biohazard Cleaning technicians. The team at Biohazard Cleaning works to sanitise and provide a comprehensive Industrial Accident Biohazard Cleaning service across Australia. Our team is professionally trained and has the personnel available to handle these types of requests. By following regulations, our biohazard cleaning technicians work to properly remove hazardous chemicals such as blood and bodily fluids so that your workplace is once again safe for employees to work.

    Biohazard Cleaning techs have experience removing blood scenes from work places including convenient stores, machine shops, factories, restaurants, office buildings, mining sites and many others. No work place accident is ever the same and having multiple years cleaning and decontaminating biohazards from the work place makes Biohazard Cleaning fully qualified to handle any situation.

    Prison Cell & Holding Cell Biohazard Cleaning

    A prison cell or holding cell can be overwhelmed with biohazards and harmful pathogens. HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and other blood-borne diseases are commonly found in prison cells, jail cells and police transport vehicles. Biohazard Cleaning technicians have a team of trained and certified forensic cleaning specialists who have provided Australian prisons and police departments a 24 hour emergency biohazard remediation service including biohazard cleaning, blood clean up, bodily fluid cleaning and human waste and excrement removal and sanitisation.

    prison cell biohazard cleaning

    Police Department & Jail Cell Biohazard Decontamination

    Blood, urine, faeces, and vomit are all biohazards found in prison and holding cells. Our biohazard decontamination technicians are able to successfully decontamination, disinfect and sanitise any biohazards found in these locations to provide a safe and clean environment for law enforcements personnel and inmates.

    Jail cell clean ups, holding cell decontamination and transport vehicle decontamination are all services most cleaners are unable to handle. Blood, tissue, human flesh, biohazard remains are considered to be bio hazardous and can oftentimes be very dangerous to the health and well-being of yourself and inmates or employees. The unsafe nature of jail cell clean-up, bodily fluid clean-ups, blood and bodily fluid clean up make it strongly recommended that only adequately trained and certified Biohazard Cleaning technicians be employed to remove and dispose of hazardous debris and medical waste.

    Sharps & Needles Sweep Biohazard Cleaning

    Drug use and abuse is a sad fact of life. We often see remnants of drug use in public locations, such as alleyways and children’s parks. The sight of used needles and other drug-related hazards can be disturbing, especially when our children could easily happen upon them. What’s even more disconcerting is that our homes vehicles, and even workplaces can become unsafe scenes due to drugs and drug paraphernalia. Biohazard Cleaning technicians are routinely called to situations where a person’s property has been compromised and where drugs, drug residue and remnants have been left behind.

    Bio-Hazardous Sharps & Needles Clearances

    Needle recovery and sharps sweeps are some of the more dangerous biohazard clean ups that some homeowners attempt. Typically, a landlord will discover that a property has been littered with used needles, but has no idea if the syringes are infected with HIV, Hepatitis C or any other communicable disease.

    When your property has been compromised by a drug user, the drug residue and improperly disposed-of drug paraphernalia, such as used needles, glass pipes, and bags, can have lasting, adverse effects on the unsuspecting. Something as small as used hypodermic needle can easily penetrate someone’s skin, potentially compromising the victim’s health with unknown pathogens and drug residue. Broken crack pipes can cut skin and cause infections or allow drug residue to enter a person’s bloodstream.

    These jobs are best suited for professionals who are trained in proper clean up and disposal techniques. Biohazard Cleaning technicians are fully adept in all aspects of Sharps and Needles Sweeps. Our technicians will remove the needles, decontaminate the environment and dispose of the syringes in accordance with the guidelines set forth by government legislation.

    Vehicle Biohazard Cleaning

    Biohazard Cleaning technicians perform vehicle biohazard cleaning services for all types of cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, boats, etc. Biohazards such as blood, bodily fluids are removed from such incidents as vehicle accidents, assaults or suicides. Blood-borne pathogens can be present in vehicles long after exposed to air where traditional vehicle upholstery cleaning isn’t enough to protect drivers and passengers. Our biohazard remediation technicians follow a stringent motor vehicle decontamination process where after the removal of contaminated materials have been performed, the vehicle is thoroughly disinfected and treated to provide a clean and safe environment.

    motor vehicle biohazard cleaning

    Motor Vehicle Sanitisation & Biohazard Remediation Services

    Our technicians are experienced in vehicle decontamination, blood removal, and removal of other possibly infectious materials from public transportation to business fleets and privately owned vehicles. Many vehicle insurance policies cover the cost of remediation to minimise the health hazards of a major blood spill following an accident, homicide or suicide. Vehicle decontamination requires more finesse than regular cleansing environments due to small spaces and crevices that all must be sanitised.

    Biohazard Cleaning employs a thorough, multi-step approach to ensuring all vehicle surfaces are free of biohazards. Whether a crime was committed, an accident occurred, or someone was ill, call Biohazard Cleaning for professional vehicle cleansing and biohazard decontamination. We clean and disinfect a wide variety of vehicles, including ambulances, public trains and buses, private boats, cars, trucks and heavy equipment.