Meth residue contamination is a serious risk for property purchasers, landlords and owners. Primarily, the legal liability and risk between the tenant and property owner or property manager is considerable. Additionally, the fiscal loss and diminution in value of the property can be substantial if contamination is present. Anyone looking to purchase a property should be aware and acknowledge these risks even though buyer beware continues to be the go-to. To avoid meth residue contamination risks in your rental property and the possibility of either lost rental income or having to pay back rent collected, follow the steps below.

Meth Residue Contamination Prevention

meth residue clean ups

Meth residue contamination is a serious risk for property purchasers, landlords and owners

The most basic step to ensure your property does not suffer from meth residue contamination, ensure all prospective tenants are vetted and checked in accordance with the acceptable practices and ensuring your insurance policy is adequate for property rental. Regular meth residue testing in between tenancies ensures that the property owner or property manager will know if and when contamination occurs. Furthermore, the tenant will not be able to question when contamination occurred if the meth check is completed on the outset of the tenancy. For this reason, a composite meth residue test is a worthwhile and important step to complete, potentially saving the property owner $1,000s.

Have an Appropriate Insurance Policy

Despite having undertaken the previous meth residue contamination prevention methods, contamination may still occur. The first step is to ensure you complete in-depth laboratory testing from an accredited laboratory. In most tenancy situations, if appropriate management obligations are met, and any other insurance policy obligations observed, your insurer will cover the damage, however, remediation is likely to be capped and an excess payable. It is important to note, the insured sum will apply to all phases of the contamination and will incentivise an efficient meth residue decontamination process without damage.

Efficient Meth Residue Cleaning

It is important to ensure your meth residue clean up technicians follow the standards approved by your insurer. It will help if the decontamination technicians will offer a guarantee of their work, providing a set timeframe to have works completed. Also, ensure that your contractor has an independent laboratory test the post-decontamination samples. Taken together, the post meth cleaning and decontamination report and the independent testing should be sufficient evidence for any agent, tenant, and potential purchaser that the house is clean from a certain date.

Expert Meth Residue Decontamination Technicians

Across Australia, there has been an increasing number of clandestine or meth labs found. Although the authorities take the chemicals and equipment used in labs away, a large amount of contaminated residue is left on many surfaces of the affected site including walls, ceilings and floors, which creates a future health hazard for occupiers of the building. Biohazard Cleaning Meth Residue Clean Up technicians have extensive experience, coupled with international training, to ensure your property is remediated to a safe and habitable standard.

Alternatively, you can get your property tested and receive results within minutes using our DIY Home Surface Residue Meth Test Kits. These kits are easy to use and will help you determine if your property is significantly contaminated and unsafe to live, in that case you will require a full remediation plan. Get in touch with us today if your results indicate positive.