Adelaide Biohazard Cleaning Services

    Adelaide Blood & Trauma Clean Ups: Our qualified technicians have the expertise to handle any situation and are able to decontaminate the property to remove all remnants blood and fluids as well as ensure the foul smell is eliminated

    Adelaide Meth Lab Decontamination, Remediation & Testing: The industry specialists in dealing with the remediation and decontamination of clandestine drug labs and meth labs providing a comprehensive meth lab residue testing and clean up services

    Adelaide Mould Remediation: Our team of mould removal experts can ensure the safety of our non-toxic, non-allergenic products and provide ongoing protection to help prevent re-infection of the affected areas

    Adelaide Needles & Sharps Clearances: Trained bio-recovery sharps and needle clearance technicians who utilise proven safe work methods to ensure the sharps are disposed of in a safe manner.

    Adelaide Sewage Contamination & Water Damage Remediation: Our expert sewage remediation and restoration technician teams are equipped with the most advanced drain and sewage cleaning equipment and will respond to your call immediately.

    South Australian Biological Remediation

    Our IICRC trained technicians posses the skills and required knowledge to successfully remediate any property back to a bio-free zone. Harnessing years of experience, Biological Cleaning’s Adelaide techs maintain a superior service at every job, ensuring our clients receive a superior remediation service. By implementing proven job-specific procedures developed with both technical training and onsite experience, Biohazard Cleaning is dedicated to maintaining our reputable standard by providing our clients with the highest quality of service.

    Adelaide SA Biohazard Cleaning Services

    By offering specialist bio-remediation services carried out by expert biohazard remediation technicians, Biohazard Cleaning is the South Australian bio-remediation industry leader. Our Forensic Cleaning technicians are adept in all biohazard cleaning services including Meth Lab Testing, Meth Lab Decontamination and Remediation, Death and Unattended Death Decontamination, Industrial Accident Clean Ups, Water Damage Contamination Remediation, Self Harm and Suicide Clean Ups and Sewage Contamination Remediation.